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Kim Pfeifer is a teacher with patience, grace, and kindness. She creates a welcoming space, and guides you through the task at hand, whether that is stretching, yoga, dance, etc. Able to call upon varying techniques and styles, her depth of knowledge and range of study is quite impressive. Her dedication to her clients, and to her own practice, is quite evident. It is no wonder she has such a following, of which I am happy to be amongst.
— Meagan Ryan BSN-RN
I’ve been attending Kim Pfeifer’s classes for at least a year now. My personal favorite one I attend is the class she teaches at Excel Fitness. Once an ordinary room, Kim goes the extra mile and changes the decor so that your body may already begin to relax the minute you walk in. Her classes focus more on the mind rather than physical strength. The first 20 minutes of class are dedicated to breathing exercises and mild stretches in-between. Kim glides through the room making a point to touch base with each student, helping them personally further their own goals during the practice. This is an intimidation free zone. She doesn’t pressure you into doing anything you are not comfortable with, and provides alternative positions for whatever your body can handle. Her return rate amongst students is immaculate. I cannot recommend a better instructor with the pure ability to flush your mind of your daily woes.
— Gaby M
Kim Pfeifer is an inspirational teacher and beautiful spirit. I’ve been taking yoga classes from Kim for almost 2 years. As a result of taking Kim’s classes, my flexibility has improved and I am mindful of my breathing and posture outside of class. I run and ride my bike/take spin classes several times a week. Yoga compliments my active lifestyle by incorporating much-needed stretching and strength-work. Kim gives clear direction in our poses and breathing exercises and encourages us to try new poses by offering hands-on help. She takes an interest in her yogis by sharing her knowledge about chakras, pitas and nutrition that may help us lead healthier lives. Her knowledge and attention to detail make a huge difference in my practice. The environment within her studio is warm, welcoming and calming. I look forward to a continued journey with Kim in my practice.
— Allison C