Kimmys offerings


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private sessions

Kimmy offers private, one on one sessions that allow you to deepen your practice in any way you need. Whether it be gaining initial experience, focusing on personal goals, helping to create a personalized schedule, or overcoming health concerns, the list goes on. As a student, taking this time is a special gift to yourself in this practice, as it will only give you more awareness and love within. 

One on one in home / in studio: Starts at $80


group sessions

Group sessions allow us to step out from a regular yoga class, and create an intimate atmosphere with close family and/or friends. Kimmy offers this wonderful option, to deepen your practice with friends, family, and more in studio, or in the comfort of your own home.

Group of 2: Starts at $120

Group of 3: $150

Groups of 4+: prices vary


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Kids yoga/dance sessions

Kimmy has been teaching little ones for over 6 years, sharing her love for movement & creativity. She wishes to offer private yoga and/or dance sessions to help encourage a child’s self confidence, creative language, self-importance, all while diving into a mindful yet playful yoga practice to encourage exercise and healthy habits.

Starting at $50 per 45 minutes