yoga sculpt

Fall Series Sept 11-Dec 18

Yoga Sculpt, is a class Kimmy is offering this Fall to bring in some more, upbeat yoga into your daily practice. Using weights, blocks, and other props to enhance your flow & breath work, Kimmy will guide you into what she likes to call, a “strong and graceful workout” on the mat with some fun music, of your request!

yoga for all

Yoga for All, is a class Kimmy teaches designed to fit any yoga practitioner. Focusing on many areas on the body from an anatomical standpoint, Kimmy offers a variety of creative sequences with modifications given to each and everyBODY. Be sure to look for these classes on her schedule if you are looking for a well-rounded practice with attention to detail!


A class taught at Jamie Surya’s Yoga Studio, Kimmy focuses this class on center work. Center work, meaning the core, your pelvic floor, all the necessities for an intentional, well-rounded yoga practice. Shaped a little differently than a typical yoga class, you are mostly on the floor of your mat the entire class. This is a great class that introduces more awareness into your own body. If you are looking to find grounding and more stability in your practice and your body as a whole, check out this class!


After Kimmy spent a month in the jungle, she had the opportunity to work with a Buddhist Teacher while advancing her meditation practice each and everyday. Kimmy is offering this class Wednesday evenings to offer these different meditative techniques; whether it be just for the evening that you find this time in space to collect your thoughts, or want to take it home with you. This is an opportunity for stillness, & a reset before bed.

inner fire

Kimmy offers this style class at various locations. The perfect way to end the week, and start the weekend! If you are a level 2 or 3 practitioner, and are looking to get more creative in your practice, this is a great fit for you. Understanding that levels 2-3 are very different ends of the spectrum, Kimmy makes the class fun and doable for everybody, offering modifications, or ways to advance depending on your body that day of class.